Monday, February 21, 2011

Love Comes First

"Be very careful to love the Lord your God."
                                                Joshua 23:11

Browning and I have been going through a devotional called, "worship the King" by Chris Tiegreen with our church. Each and every day the pages have overflowed with encouragement, wisdom, grace, love, passion and the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Today's message was entitled 'Love Comes First.'

This message spoke deeply to my heart. In my head I love God. In my heart I love God. But does my passion and love for Christ pour out of my every being? Do I love Browning like Christ loves me? Do I love my family like Christ loves me? Do I love my friends like Christ loves me? Do I love my co-workers like Christ loves me? Do I love the lost like Christ loves me?

The part of the message that spoke to me the most was at the end. It says, "IN DEED... So how do we love God? We lie at His feet and tell Him we are His. We seek to honor Him in all we do. We want to be like Him. We crave His fellowship. We pray His desires. We are consumed with, obsessed with, and filled with His ways, His works, and His will. The theology, the works, and the feelings will come. They are good--but only after the devotion. Love always comes first."

I sat in wonder this morning. Do I do these things? How do I love God? I will continue to pray that I would do those things listed above in order to show God how I love Him.

"I would hate my own soul if I did not find it loving God." -Augustine

Song of the Day: Dancing in the Minefields- Andrew Peterson