Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A few days ago I was asked the questions, "Why did you love Baylor so much?" and "What about Baylor makes it so great?" I sat in ponder for a minute because the question is a difficult one  to answer, yet so easy. My first response was, "EVERYTHING!" Then I began to reminisce on my four years at Baylor. Oh how I miss it.

I believe that the main reason I love Baylor so much is that the Lord completely mapped out my college experience and desired for me to spend my college experience there. I felt so blessed, encouraged, and loved by Him as I walked through my days at Baylor. I read something this morning that made me think about how right God is and how wrong we can be about our plans and desires. What I read was this:

"No one's agenda but God's will enthrone the Lord of glory. 
God sits in heaven and laughs- not because He thinks it's funny,
but because He knows the truth of the future. His plan will be carried out 
and His Son will be exalted."

This was such confirmation that not only did I desire to go to Baylor but that is what the Lord had planned for me. When I realized this, it made my time at Baylor much more purposeful. 

Another reason I think Baylor was so right for me and was so incredible was the people. Browning, who was my boyfriend all through college and now my husband was such a blessing to me at Baylor. He showed me the ropes of Baylor and challenged me to be a better person. The Lord blessed me with Browning to seeks after the Lord in a way that encourages me and teaches me so much about Him. Not only that but we were able to have so much fun going through college together! Next to Browning my best friends made my experience at Baylor one I will never forget. I remember praying in college that I would meet Christ following girls who would be my best friends. Little did I know that I would meet these girls and that God would surpass my expectations. He blessed me with friends who not only follow Christ, but who live it out, speak it loudly, enable me to learn from them and who are beyond willing to meet with me at any hour or the day and night to share what He is teaching me. Many of my memories at Baylor consist of prayer at Common Grounds with my friends, long walks around the bear trail with friends, excursions to the dam and searching for new adventures in the CO. These are SOME of the people who made my time at Baylor remarkable: 

Browning and I at Homecoming 2010

Friends at the Homecoming Parade 2010

Friends in Denver 2011!

Friends at Dodgeball Tourney!

Owls Nest

Beautiful Friends!

Fun adventures with friends!

These girls mean the world to me!

Kait and I at a Baylor soccer game!

Friends at a Baylor basketball game! Sic 'em!!

My sweet husband and I at a Baylor game!

There are many more amazing friends that I have from Baylor which are not pictured above, 
but I can only post so many pictures at a time. More to come in a later post.

Sic 'Em Bears and Keep Waco Wacko!

Song of the Day: Like an Avalanche by Hillsong United

Recommended Reading: Radical by David Platt

Monday, March 14, 2011

High School Days

I have decided to revert back to my high school days as I spend this rainy and cloudy day off cooped indoors...

Felicity was a TV show that I became addicted to thanks to a close friend of mine. I would watch 10 episodes in a row sitting in the same spot of my bed. I have found myself doing the same today...

Because of the show I became obsessed with Dean & Deluca, which is a coffee shop in New York that many of the characters in the show worked at. I went to New York for high school graduation and made it a priority to visit one of the Dean & Deluca's. It was my favorite part of the trip! I came home with this exact coffee mug that is to this day my favorite coffee mug to drink from. I love coffee!!

Song of the Day: Many Roads- Andrew Peterson