Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sweet Homewood Alabama!

WARNING: This will most likely be a long post with several pictures. Please bear with me.

As some of you may know, back in March Browning had what is called "Match Day." During match day, each 4th year medical student received an envelope that says where they will do their residency. Browning matched to UAB in Birmingham! We have been so excited knowing this is where God has desired for him to train and for us to go on an adventure together.

(Me and Browning on match day!)

Fast forward until June and its time to pack up and move....We have now been settled in our new home in Homewood, Alabama (our city near Birmingham) for two weeks and so much has happened. Our adventures started at 7am on June 3rd in Houston. We were all packed up and ready to go when I attempted to start my car and the battery was dead.... What a perfect start to a 12 hour road trip.

(Browning, Browning's dad, and Ryan working on the car. Browning's mom and I were the cheerleaders.)                                    

After the first attempt to jump my car, it was up and running and we were on our way to Alabama. Special thanks to Ryan Rister for helping us load up the Penske, drive Browning's car to Birmingham and unload everything in our house!! He was such a life saver and we enjoyed having our first guest!

( Browning, me and Ryan as we say bye to Houston and hello to Alabama. And no, Browning and I did not plan our matching shirts...)

After several hours of driving we were all getting hungry. Browning wanted to get a roast beef sandwich from Arby's.... Well, I have never eaten there and never thought I would, but of course in honor of the movie 'Baby Mama' I knew I had to...

"I'd rather be at an Arby's right now. There is better food and cooler people there..."

Finally, 12 hours later, we all arrived in Birmingham, Alabama! The sun was setting over the mountains and the air smelt like fresh pine trees. Browning and I are so thrilled for this adventure the Lord has set for us! We spent the night with an incredible loving and generous family that has welcomed us into town with open arms. Monday morning, it was closing day. We were so excited to move into our first home. 

(We are excited about signing our lives away...)

After we signed it was time to move in. Unfortunately we woke up and it had stormed all night and during our signing, but after lunch it turned into a beautiful move-in day! 

(Here we are in front of our new house on a rainy day!)

After a few days of getting the house situated, we fell in love with a sweet dog we saw a picture of through an incredible dog rescue organization. We had a meet and greet with her and ended up taking her home with us. Her name is Lady and she is about 5-6 months old. She has completely stolen our hearts and we absolutely love her! Below are a couple of pictures of her... (We might be obsessed...)

(Browning with Lady)

(Lady being sweet with her gator)

(Chillin after a long walk)

(Lady the model...)

(Lady confused at music coming from my phone)

More posts to come with life updates and pictures of the house! We are really enjoying our time in Birmingham so far but really missed our family and friend back in Texas. We have a spare bedroom and would love visitors... just saying!