Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Home is where the Heart is.

Birmingham is starting to feel like home. We have loved getting our house settled, getting to know the city and making new friends. Browning is 2 months into his residency and he is loving the ED and loving his program. We love our church and have found an incredible small group to be a part of. The Tuesday after Labor Day I am going to start volunteering at a place called The Bell Center. It is an early childhood intervention center for kids at risk for developmental delay who were either born premature or have some sort of genetic disorder. This will enable me to still work with kids and keep up some of my child life skills! In just a few weeks I am going to start leading a college small group that I am very excited about it. As I am preparing to lead, the Lord has been molding me and teaching me so much about His Word. It has been such a blessing! I wanted to post some more pictures of our house. I have been slowly getting the house all situated and still have some more work to do and will post these at a later date! Enjoy!

The front of our house.

Sic 'Em Bears!!

Living room. Door leads to the mud room where the washer/dryer and Lady's bed are.

Living room.

More living room...

and some more...


More kitchen...

Last kitchen view.

Dining area.



Our bedroom.

More bedroom...

Last bedroom picture.

Guest room needs some work...

Our watch dog!

She hopes to see you come visit us!!!!

That is all for now! I have been crafting lots and just learned to sew! Stay tuned to see all I have done!